Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-03-07 17:55:46 (UTC)


hey there, im so flippin' lost. my friend Matts being an
ass. He wont stop leaving me alone. I hate him when he
acts like this. And my friend Leah hates me. Its okay im
just gonna die anyway. Im lost and depressed and im going
to commit suicide, I swear. I just wish someone could hold
me and assure me everythings fine. im not lost, I just
think I am. But that will neve happen. I wish there was
someone I could hold onto. Someone who would kiss my
problems away. But thats impossible. I'll never find
anyone. Brandon is the only one I want. I dont look at
anyone else but him. And I cant stop thinking about him.
Curse this whole Goddamn world.

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