steel storm

Stormy times
2005-03-07 17:04:49 (UTC)

One of those Days

You knw it's going to be a bad day when your newly arrived
bosses say that you've screwed up everything that they
wanted done prior to their i'm a fucking
mind reader. I've been getting everything set up in this
place, making sure lines are up and running, everything
organized, and they decide that I"m all fucked up because
I don't 1)have hard copies of all orders that are coming
down the line, 2) I don't have a second computer set up to
get those orders, and 3) I left a folder at the office
that he really wanted to have out here. The truth is that
my regular boss and I agreed that we didnt' need to print
off copies of orders when we can provide them with a
summary of everything; We have never had a second computer
for the orders, which they knew about prior to coming out
here; the folder consisted of blank forms that are on my
fucking computer that I can print off in a heartbeat.

Now that you've heard about breakfast, I hope you are all
having a great day. I get so pissed just LOOKING at these
two guys, you just can't believe it. I may not be a great
communicator, but sure as hell don't try to listen, so I
am just goin to try and avoid them and stay out of the
tent when they are here. If I suck at this job so much,
then they can move my ass out of here.

I jsut need to chill out, and get away from here. The bad
part is that one of them is now in the bunk next to me,
which sucks even

Yes, I've screwed up, but I've also worked hard to get
everything set up before they got here. Of course, I
never expected a pat on the back from them, but I sure
didn't expect to get bombarded like that first thing in
the morning.

Ah well, its just been one of those mornings you wish
you'd never awoken to.

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