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2005-03-07 14:10:24 (UTC)

elena is number one

wellits 9:00 in the morning on monday, for dsomereason i could not get
to sleep last night and stay asleep......so even though i knew i had a half
an hour left to sleep i got out of my bed at 8 in the morning....joked
around with my daddy and ate rice cakes (my mom has me on a
diet)....but i love my daddy

yesterday at youth group i got in the car and said "daaaaaadddyyyyyy
: ( i am not gonna see marshall for a whoooollllleee weeeeeeeek....."

he replied in a calm voice"oh u love sick puppy....go have sex with

hes cool.......i also asked him if it was ok to drink from the garden hose
(id been doing it since i was a tiney tot...and my daddy said "oh so thats
why ur so crazy today....." what a joker

i have officially been 15 for one month....and to morrow is another
month anniversary :D

marshal is grounded.....for fightign with his parents....uh oh spagghetti-

5 more months till i get my temps!!!

well elenas mom will be here soon to take me to a hopfully ober short
day of school....

then home to watch SAW yet again....


*i am drawn to the magnet in your tongue*

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