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2005-03-07 10:45:02 (UTC)

Can't be arsed thinking of a title

Just another random update here. Weekend was pretty good
apart from the fact that I'm ill as fuck and I've been
gettin' pissed off by constantly hearing the same fucking
thing over the last few days.

Went out on Friday night to Chunk's bit with the intention
not to drink but ended up getting a free carry-out and
gettin' drunk lol. Stayed at Graeme's on Friday night then
went out to EK on Saturday morning and had breakfast with
Emma then went shopping with Laura for a few hours which
was stresful but nice at the same time. I hate shopping
for presents, I'm so bad at thinking what to get people.

Went out on Saturday evening to watch Holly's show which
turned out to be pretty amusing. Got drunk on the way home
then caught the EK bus again to go to Plush for the after
party. What a night that was, I was fuckin plastered lmao!

Went to Gran's for dinner last night then went down to
Callum's and had a bit of a smoke. Was feeling ill all
weekend but I'm feelin worse now but still went to school
this morning and I'm going back in the afternoon. Free
periods are great lol.

School is going shite at the moment on account of I'm
failing everything but thats ok cause I don't care
anymore. It's quite good fun though.

I have no love-life at all just now except maybe with my
car and perhaps ma wee darlin' but you guys don't know who
that is and I'm not tellin' hahahahaha! Lol! Oh yea, I
also love buckfast and euphoria...and clubs!...and
barmaids! lol, love-life rocks.

Anyone who reads as far as this better send me some damn
feedback or I'll kill you all. Bye

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