slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
2005-03-07 20:23:28 (UTC)

subdiary 07-03-05

good evening my Master,
i have followed everything You told me. i am getting
confused by this actions. i am scared Sir. i need Your
guidance and instruction. i cant wait until our scheduled
meeting Sir. i am in a real turmoil. the desire deep
inside of me is being split in two Sir and then multiplying
3 fold Sir. i have never been so lost Sir. even when i do
my ritual i am finding i am not as focused as i was. i
sleep bound and blindfolded but my thoughts are waivering
back and forth Sir. my dreams are centred on You Sir and
the image of You brings on a high state of arousal in me
Sir. my other dreams are more respectable...walking,
talking, laughing. i am looking forward to pleasuring
myself tonight was getting very difficult to
control Sir...i was beginning to ache for Your touch Sir. i
wake in the morning so wet. with every movement brings a
part of me alive. i want to feel fully alive Sir..i want to
be able to do this for You Sir. i love You Sir.

*slut* {MR}

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