My Lost Life - I
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2005-03-07 08:50:43 (UTC)

Just Started

I've never written one of these before, but I think I
should because it helps get out feelings that you can't
really tell to anyone else.
My life, it really, really sucks, especially right
now. My mom thinks I'm doing drugs, which I've never done
in my whole life. I have, though been drinking. She
wonders why i even drink, when of course all the trauma and
stress in our house has nothing to do with it. My
boyfriend, whom I love dearly and keep close to heart will
soon be going to jail. : ( Now I will be even more
depressed. I haven't even seen him in almost three weeks
now, and he'll be going on Friday.
Perhaps my mom doesn't like him because he's 21 and I'm
16(turning 17 this yr.), but its nothing sexual, so wouldnt
that make it legal? Well, I wont be able to see him
anyways for a while, so she wont have to force me to move
with my dad like she said she will.
I wish my stupid brother would stop reading my
conversations with all my friends, because he keeps telling
my mom all about them, like he gets pleasure from it or
Then when he got home from his friends house today, he
wants to use the computer and starts ragging on me about
it. Just to get me off from it he starts to pour out some
of my conversations, like how I was going to drink with
some of my friends for awhile. God, alls I really want to
do is get wasted, that would make me so happy right now,
considering I have nothing more left to my life. It just
explodes all out like death.
The worse thing about the situation is that my mom and
drop-out brother arent any better than me, along with my
porn-addicted father. I just hate my life really badly
right now.

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