The life and times of Kitty Stardust
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2005-03-07 03:55:58 (UTC)

My first entry

Just got the kids to bed. Evan has a cold and Jacob
wanted to be held to sleep. which is weird cuz he's
little mister independant.
but i love my babies. wish i could let them stay up all

how come when you have someone you care about, you know,
someone else has to hurt them. and you don't know what to
do or say that won't hurt your friend's feelings. her
husband is bordering on abusive and i don't know what to
do. not physically, but mentally. and that's just a damn
bad. i want to tell her i will kick his ass for her but
she just doesn't see what's going on...

so next month is my one year wedding anniversary. (oh my
god) i cant' belive i got married in the first place.
i'm too damn young to feel this damn old.

i ate a big red candle.

so my friend might get fired from work...he has an
attendance issue. i'm sad. if he gets fired he won't be
able to get his apartment and that means he'll still be
sleeping on my couch.

i'm confused....

love, Kitty