Usman's visit to England
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2005-03-07 00:37:08 (UTC)

1. Beginning ...

Its two degrees centigrade and midnight at the moment. By
local standards, it looks normal and they call it mild winter.
However, for someone like me who is coming from Lahore,
Pakistan, its COLD! By the way, I was mentally prepared
before I got on the plane, for the winter that I was about
to brave in London. BBC's weather website was the first
thing i would check, even before my mailbox, to make up my
mind for the weather. Everyone thinks I've gone mad when i
tell them that its a pleasant change! But it is pleasant
though, I stand by what I commented, because winter for
Lahorities is very short, so God has given me a chance to
have a taste of English winter and extend my winter spell.

When my plane was over English Channel, thats from when I
couldn't see anything on ground due to clouds. Next view
that I had of land, was when it sank and came just above
500m. I should admit, however, that landing was still
beautiful. Sky covered with clouds just as someone had
colored it, was looking marvellous, dont know the pilot's
viewpoint by the way. It was a nice and smooth landing. I
was so anxious to see out of windows that I was trying to
see all the London in one go. Heathrow is one of world's
busiest airports. You see planes landing in a queue. Just
after 15 to 30 seconds, there is a new airline carrying a
few hundred passengers on board, making its way into
Heathrow Int'l. Same goes with the frequency of aircrafts in
the Take-Off queue.

I was tired of the long journey, which lasted 8 hours
approximately. Cool wind was blowing when I came out. Met my
Mami and Mamu, who had come to receive me. So, I was in
London!!! Reached home, had a cup of tea and chat with my
cousin, Ferjad. Informed back home about my arrival. I was
certainly excited, and it was that excitement which
prevented me from falling on the bed. I forgot my being
tired for sometime.

I always have felt good talking to Ferjad. Have found him a
very sincere, decent personality. Its nice to be simple, and
he has this quality. Plus that, his childish humor matched
with sensibile attitude makes him someone with whom you find
yourself comfortable.

Next Day, I woke up at 7am. Oops! its too early .. isnt
it? Well ... its not because I'm an early riser but just
that my body clock was set with Pakistan Standard Time. In
Pakistan, it was 12 o'clock. So, not that early!! I hope you
were impressed a bit. My mamu was to pick someone from
Hounslow, so he offered me to go with him. I had no
objection, and was ready straight away. It had rained
overnight, so everything was wet. It took us around 30 to 40
minutes (if im not wrong) to reach that place and the same
amount of time to return.

On my return, I came to know about my cousins' plan for
taking me to Harrow. So nice of them!! Of course, how could
I resist. We went to market in Harrow. Its quite popular
here. It was enjoyable, no doubt.

There was light snow in the evening, something new for me.
In Lahore, it just hails and thats very rare too. So nice to
see it. I was a bit carried away, so went out for a brief
walk, which wasnt brief anyway.