Autum's Leaves
2005-03-07 00:34:13 (UTC)

Catching Up

First: The Offbeets are a great band. Local around here,
very mellow, I've been listening to them all day.

Second: Went to the Pacer show last night. They were
alright, the officers should have known a lot of the
dances better. Liz was great as usual. Sat by Blake and
Casey throughout the show. Blake is such a flirt, I mean,
such a flirt.

Third: Had lots of fun last night. Me and Curse came back
home and danced around my living room to techno and drank
margarita's. Liz and Blake came over after tweleve and had
margarita's and we all listened to techno before everyone
had to go home at around one.

Fourth: Liz and Blake are supposed to come over today.
It's Blake's last night here for awhile. He goes back to
Camp Legune tomorrow and then goes to Iraq next month I
think. They're a great couple. Super fun to hang around.

Fifth: Called Pete today. We're supposed to hang out
sometime this week since my Mom and her b/f are in Florida
right now. Hopefully things won't blow up in my face like
they normally do.

Sixth: Man On Fire was disturbing. Dakota Fanning is
fabulous, and so is Denzel, as usual. But, the movie was
still strange and I'm just not so sure about it. Elf is a
great movie, it's so cute! I just watched it today.
Playing FF8 now. Got out of Esthar and am stuck somewhere
else now.

Have to go entertain. Ttyl.