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2005-03-06 22:24:26 (UTC)


av not updated this all weekend on friday a worked then
went to sarahs with kirsten n jo then we went out n met up
with hunners of folk at different times was a good wants to be in the police force!haha

yestrday a had to get up at half 7 offft for work at half 8
it was so busy a finished at 4 was well tired but a was in
the mood to go to the me n kirsten went in got
our tickets went to mcdonalds then went back up to the
cinema..hide n seeks pretty good after that we came to my
house for a while then went to kirsten then wnt to dales
cept we never seen him much just talked to him mum then sat
in the kitchen with jo kirsten n gian

today worked in sprngvle scott fainted n had to go to
hospital it was ashame we got out at like 1 then went down
the street got a fone card went to kirsten then came to
mine she went out on her bike n a went out on ma skates
but a gave up when a got around the corner we werent out
for long..a came home got ma dinner then watched a bit of
meet the fockers then fell asleep..after that a went to
colins house we watched bruce almighty what a film,was
fun..were going to see winnie the pooh soon.haha.yass

Bye xx

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