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2005-03-06 21:27:41 (UTC)

Journal - 3-6-2005

I cant stop thinking of the one that got away.
I’m over you , I know this.
Yet, little things remind me of you.
Your cologne, very sexy, I bought a bottle for you
Never took it back. I wear it myself. I think of you
When I’m at work and I’m putting up deodorant. I open
degree. I think of you
Listening to my music on my pc isn’t any better. I’m trying
to get into rap and I play lil boosie - give me dat pussy.
That’s our song. It’s not degrading…its enduring actually,
because you would say it out of love. Its was sweet.

What I wouldn’t do just to hear your voice or see your face,
or just to hug you.
I really miss you. I’m happy. I’m more outgoing, but I’m
not in love anymore. I like myself better when I was in
love. I was deeply in love with you.

I don’t fault you at all. It was just the right thing at the
wrong time and place. And there is always a but….what
if…never mind…everything happens for a reason.. I’m just
hurting a little bit. I’ll be fine.

But I would like to hear from you…whether it be a Hi, No,
What do you want…..Just something…

Love always truly


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