2005-03-06 20:59:25 (UTC)

The Drugs

I use lots of drugs,
To take away the pain.
I’ll try any kind you got,
Acid, heroin, cocaine.

I use them every hour,
Every night and day.
I use them all the time,
To make life seem less grey.

I use them in the morning,
The day needs a good start.
I need something to mend,
My bleeding, broken heart.

I use them in the afternoon,
To help deal with the stress.
I can’t take all the pain I feel,
So they make me feel less.

I use them in the evening,
To prepare me for my sleep.
For in my dreams the shadows lurk,
In my dreams they creep.

The drugs, they calm me down,
They take away it all.
But I know that eventually,
They will make me fall.

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