Lost Auzzie

Loz from Oz
2005-03-06 20:49:07 (UTC)

easy like sunday morning...

hmmm...it's already sunday afternoon. another massive
weekend to put behind me, and move on to look forward to
the next one. only a couple more left here before i head
back to Australia. it makes me feel weird when i think
about it like that.
i went out last night and had an awesome time. there was no
one at the bar when i got there and my friends were running
late so i stood outside for a bit and met a girl from Oz
(emily) and we became friends in like 2 seconds. it was
great. so she came and had drinks with us later on and we
all had a really fun night...watching all the people and
how they dance, dancing ourselves, checking out the hot
guys, drinking...it was tops. but now that i live in
the "burbs" i have to go home earlier cause the buses stop
running but it was an unreal night while i was there.emily
and i are going to paint the town red tonight and see what
mischief we can create HAHA
i'm getting really scared about going home actually. it
always happens when i meet new people or have an awesome
night with the ones i already know. i wonder if it's still
going to be fun to be back home?? i know things haven't
changed at all really back there...but will i still think
it's good?? maybe i've changed to much in the 9 months i've
been away from home. i don't know. i really have become
somewhat of a different person and i'm a bit worried that
maybe it will be difficult for me to feel "at home" when i
go back.
in any case, i've had a great time while i've been
travelling and i wouldn't swap it for the world. and it
just means i'll have more people to visit next time i
decide to go o/s!
well...we're having a BBQ today and i'm in charge of going
to get the alcohol so i best be off!
Lauren :)

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