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2005-03-06 19:30:03 (UTC)


Everyone says that things happen for a reason, whereof
reason knows nothing. If everything happens for a reason,
then what exactly is the reason for death? It doesn't help
us in any way. It may teach us to cope, but honestly, what
does some one dying teach us or what do we get out of it?
Why does a broken heart teach you anything? I'm listening
to The Rasmus and contemplating all these thoughts dancing
across my mind as I watch the rain hit the glass on my
window. It's a pretty day out, and the second day of Spring
"... Her blue bullets burn a hole right through my heart
Black and blue mixing like my bruise colored eyes Taking in
everything but seeing nothing at all ". That's part of a
new song I'm writing. :) Not too bad if I do say so
myself. ...I don't really have much to talk about. IM-ing
Matt and getting the latest Subject 2 Change info.(local
Houston band- Really good). Michelle went to Austin and I
hope she stays clean up there cuz she has a drug test next
month and it would so suck if she failed. I'm emailing
Karina. So sweet :) Like I said, nothing really special
going on in my life. School's okay. Home's okay. Nothing
really special. Well I guess I'm going to go take a shower.

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