My New Journey
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2005-03-06 18:44:56 (UTC)

I Gots to Get it Together

And find away to tear myself emotionally freshguy because
he has stated time and time again that I am not who or what
he needs or wants for partner in life. I was just for sex
so I can not keep on threating and pleading to stay a part
of his life. It, seems this former shyguy has gotten the
confidence from my loving him to spread his wings and fly
to other chicks for the first time in his life.

My spaceguy who is very attracted to me called yesterday
and he hogged the conversation as usual. He wants me to be
a big part of his life and need to be needed that way but I
only wish that he was more of the things that I am looking
for in a man.

Well I have been on this computer all day so I must get off
soon and:

Say my prayers and affirmations

Check my car fluids

Drop by the library

go for a walk

clean kitchen counters

Read a chapter from my book

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