Joronas Temnra

2005-03-06 16:22:47 (UTC)


I feel it. I haven't felt it in ages.. foreign to me, cold.
Gods.. I haven't felt this reaction to pain in years. I hate
it even when I embrace it.

I don't rage, I pay too much of a price for it. But the last
time I felt this, someone said it should have turned the
room cold.

But there's no one to burn for it this time -- and I can't
turn on the person who caused it. Not even this rage lets me
do that. Especially not when she's correct in the
accusations she makes.

I feel the cold burning inside me, and soon enough, I'm
going to have to leave.

I am going to lose it all. I am going to give it all up,
because I can't stand it. The fight has become too much, and
I can't hold onto it anymore.. it will consume me.