Polishing Rag

I'm that girl you didn't notice
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2005-03-06 16:10:16 (UTC)

I am in love with a dress.


Okay so yesterday was awsome! So happy!

A lunch of babyback ribs, a trip to the mall, and I saw
the best dress ever! I usually hate dresses so you know
that it must have been something. It's kinda EGL, which
just makes it more awsome in my eyes.

go here to see it -

I got uber shoes to go with too!

Then MusicFest 2005

I got there in time to see my friends perform! Then I had
pizza with Medusa*, wonderful, was really uncomfortable
around one of my guy friends ('let me go' "You know the
best part of MusicFest, the flirting." 'let me the 'f'ing
go NOW.'), not cool.

Then I hung out with Encrew.

Let me start out with the reason I was hanging out with
Encrew was Alto* and The Writer*. Let me show you what it
was like:

"And in this corner we have The Writer, who tried to pass
Polishingrag off as married to herself, and writes the
comics Polishingrag currently inks."

"And in this corner, we have the reigning champion Alto,
who has planned Polishingrag's wedding, not once, not
twice, but
three times! Two different times so Rox would have the
last name 'Hart', and another to Alto's own brother. That
lady is really on fire."

Now let's hear some actual quotes:

"Polishingrag wants to be on my side, not with some

"I'm not a bandgeek, I'm music geek."

"Polishingrag loves me!"

"Polishingrag is gonna marry my brother so there!"

"Oh so now my name Mrs.Barbiedoll*?! When did that

In the end we're all friends, so I guess that's what

Green* was awsome! You rock! I glad I got to help her
with cleaning of her room.


"You guys are already promin' it" - Alto

*names changed to protect the outright guilty

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