the Soap Opera
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2005-03-06 14:35:00 (UTC)

mothers day

its mothers day 2day, and to be honest, I DONT GIVE A
T*SS, jus copied me muh some cd's, she loves it and i made
her a card so it was nice n cheap.

lets start on friday:
it was ok, started off pretty dull, dint have the
tradition Breaky, cuz neil went to a lecture bout finance
or sumit. but i got £400 2day for my car cuz the milkman
went into it lol not to shabby. then in the afternoon went
to town with neil n faz, neil bought the Rock on DVD i
brought Eddie Guerrero which was bl**dy brilliant. had a
nice BK aswell which went down nicely.

on to saturday, jus worked all day which is pretty dam
borin, then say my GF in the evenin', who slept around. O
WE HAD FUN, LOTS OF FUN. its kinda crazy havin a GF cuz i
dint think i would ever settle down with one but guess i
was wrong.

now it leads to 2day, nothin much happened jus watched tv
wiv me GF then my dad came home from an operation he had
on his back. apparently he's gota lie on his bak for
3weeks, i couldnt stand that, im just too energetic.
thinkin bout gettin a PS2 cuz my Gamecube is kinda Borin',
there jus isnt enough games on it. i jus gota cash the
money in the bank but i duno how im gona go get it cuz my
dad cant drive, we'll jus haveto see!!!!

ta ta
Joe Mac

Album listenin to at the mo'- Blackstreet - Level 2
DVD watchin - the Eddie Guerrero Story