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2005-03-06 14:07:14 (UTC)


wow...well I've been going out with her for a month now.
Probably a pretty momentious occasion for me, given the fact
that I never thought I'd up going out, let alone for a month
or with someone like nat, whom i used to ignore on AIM :-D

not a day passes that I dont think about her, and so I find
a constant need to communicate with her in some form,
whether that form be AIM, email, or phone. She is probably
one of the most significant people in my life right now.

I should be focusing on schoolwork, but my love for her
serves to be a complete distraction from any kind of work in
any form. My wanting to see her builds up inside of me like
a bubble, and thus I wish to spend every second that I
possibly can with her.

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