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2005-03-06 12:11:18 (UTC)


yest.. after church .. i went SAFRA to meet toh nee, mei
ling and mei ling's friend .. we were playin bowling.. n
toh nee gave mi a heart shaped box of chocolates.. hee
hee.. den he send mi home.. i was home around 9 den
today .. went to church .. after dat went to serangoon to
meet st.gab-Edwin ... we were havin fun .. but he seems to
hate mi and sianx liaox.. den i went to harbour front to
meet toh nee .. we sat at the mrt awhile and went food
court to eat den he sent mi home liaox.. but dunno y ...
wif toh nee ... he will surely makes mi laugh like siao ..
nobody can do dat except him .. haha .. wierd huh? today i
was quite in a bad mood.. but no matter how he irritates
mi i won't get angry cux he ish reali very funni .. hee
hee.. btw.. i am home lerx.. hee hee.. so tired..still got
tons of hw nid to do ... so sianx.. today in the morning..
i started to tok to josh ho .. he was quite friendly and
nice ... so i tok to josh ho and iz after service .. we
had fun tokin .. =p ... hee hee.. i tink i write till
here .. tired! i go bath and do hw and slp liaox.. nite
nite my dear diary !! =p buaix!

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