Helpless mosochistic love
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2005-03-06 08:19:21 (UTC)


What is love?
I ask myself this repeatedly, only because now days I see
that people take it for granted. I mean people say there in
love get married then they cheat or get divorced. So what is
love? A way to get money, get the hot guy, well for me love
is something I cant explain. I hate it when your in love
with someone, and you want to know how he feels, what he
thinks. I hate it, but im nothing without it. Theres quite a
few girls at my school that piss me off. They judge guys by
there looks, make fun of them, what if you looked like that?
Would you still be saying those things? And the guys are the
same, some of the nicest guys are the loners, geeks, nerds,
so what dont catagorize them. There all guys in the end. And
those guys just might become rich and famous. What will you
think then? Bet you would change your mind.
The guy I like right now, hes somehow different from the
rest. I dont know how but I feel totally different around
him. And I begin to think, What if im not enough. Does he
even like me hanging around him? I want to know what he
thinks. And when he plays with my neck it drives me nuts. I
just wish he would tell me. His sweet torment is beginning
to drive me nuts. I mean I lose all sences and want to be
close to him, I want to know if he even sees me. My freind
Matt does the same thing but constantly, and yet, I dont
feel the same im not as turned on as when he does it. I dont
want him to stop, But Matt im like, NOOO Down Boy. And I
leave. But I dont know why I love him. I just love
everything about him. Even his scent, smile, voice, body, (I
rub his stomach and back, I feel the warmth and how hard his
body is, I love it. Jesus Christ, well, pray for me and
hopefully he'll ask me out) night.

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