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2005-03-06 06:32:43 (UTC)



....writing from my computer a very, very sleepy
state. x_x. I'm sorry if what i write is crap, right now i
can't think, which might probably be a bad thing
considering that i'm working on a 100 point project due
two days from now. I'm telling you our teachers hate us.
They gave us 5 days for research, and now over this 4 day
break(well you can't really call it a 4 day break, we only
had thursday and friday off) we've had to prepare our
speeches for this next week. And of course with MY luck I
get to go might not sound bad, but that means
that I have to go on the first speech day (THAT MEANS
MONDAY O_O)...grr... i'm about 80% done with my speech and
70% done with my "Original" visual props. I'm not even
bothering to check if i have math homework...Mrs. Conte
can truly GO TO HELL. x_x. What makes me even angrier is
that i talked to Kelli and Nancy and they said they
remembered doing this project, but they said that the
teachers gave them about a MONTH to do it. That's an
outrage. It's true that technology is more advanced now
and kids learn things at a younger age...but
seriously...making a bunch of 13 and 14 year olds do a 100
point project in a week?! Urgh.

Right, my mom's birthday was on the third. I feel bad i
didn't get her anything. But i did clean the house squeaky
clean. Not one dusk spot left ^^. But i still feel some
guilt =_= ...especially because my birthday is coming in
less than 2 weeks ....i'm not asking for anything really
expensive, but it makes me feel strange receiving
something when i didn't give anything to begin with .
That's my problem i feel guilty about everything, Kelsey
has this same problem. It kinda sucks because the guilt
comes afte i did something and not at that instant so i
can't truly do anything about it until afterwards, and
that's usually too late.

I think Kelsey is kind of...i don't
know....changing...she's becoming ....bitchier. XD. I
don't mean to be mean but she is. Well not really
bitchier, she's being kind of a hypocrite, it's mostly
just with kelli...and i can understand that they're
sisters and they're not always gonna get along but she's
also being a bit like that towards Nancy and Heather. She
gets mad when Nancy doesn't want to hang out when Matt is
gonna be over. But you can't really blame her, we all know
that if he comes he's gonna destroy something and make out
with nikki and be rude to everyone. He's a cool guy, but
he seriously be a jackass and not even know it. But anyway
kelsey said that Nancy needed to grow up and to get used
to matt because, yes, sometimes matt is the only thing
that makes her not wanna come over even though everything
else is fine...but just a couple weeks ago she didn't want
to go to her friend Kristen's house because Amanda S. was
gonna be there and she doesn't like her...but Amanda S
isn't that bad, she can be mean but she's not a straight
up bitch like Amanda Q, and a bunch of kelsey's other
friends were gonna be there including her boyfriend...but
she still didn't go. *sigh* .. x_x....also she now thinks
that Heather has no dignity whatsoever. the reason? she
took off her shirt in a truth or dare game at a party a
couple nights ago. (only heather and kelli went to the
party). She didn't have to, she needed to "pole-dance"
withought a pole XD. but half way through she took off her
shirt XDDDDDD. It was a pretty crazy thing to do. But she
didn't flash anyone, she just did something crazy at a
party that, from what i've heard, was pretty damn crazy
too. And she said this when a couple days ago kelsey said
that when she grew up she was probably gonna dress like a
slut and not even know it....i think that might be true
too XD. only in the summer though. I doubt she's be too
slutty in the winter. I love kelsey, but sometimes...i
don't know...she' kinda changing...when she's around me
and only me she acts normal...but around other people
she's all...MURF. XD.

Other news. Nikki and Matt might break up x_x. Woa. I knew
this was gonna come up at some point or another but seeing
how those two were going it didn't seem like they were
gonna break up anytime soon. Okay they haven't broken up
yet, but they're gonna do like a 1 month trial with each
other, if it doesn't work during that month then they'll
break up and if it does they'll just....pretend as if this
fight never happened. *Sigh* ....those two are soooo hard
headed. And it all started because Matt accidentally got
permanent marker on nikki's new pants. It's not only that
but Nikki always wants matt to feel guilty about little
things...and i dunno, sometimes she gets really mean
toward him when he does it, and she's just joking but HE
doens't know that....when i have a boyfriend i doubt i'll
treat him like that...not that often anyway XD. Well one
of the reasons why I wanna get to high school is boys ^^.
Yummy yummy boys. XD lmao. I need new guys!!! I'm sick of
all the jerks at my school....¬¬ ... the only way to
satisfy me until i get to the freshmen center is yaoi and
lemon fanfics XD. If you don't know what those are...find
out on your own LMAO.

Anyway last night was fun and boring all at once XD. I had
a spaz attack when i thought my keys were lost at the
mall. XDDD. We found pictures of that korean justin online
XDDDDDD. I worked on my project...a lil bit ^^. Me and
kelsey put make up on Nikki's little brother...and HE
WILLINGLY LET US XDDD. And...i don't remember what else we
did.... XD we watched a bit of Naruto and FMA...and
OMGGGGGGG today's FMA episode was kinda sad TT^TT ...but
boo-hoo i wanted there to be a romantic moment with winry
and Ed...but nope. nothing. nada. XD. Still, i know they
like each other ^^.

Alright. I should go. I'm gonna work on my speech for
another...uh....15 minutes and then i'm gonna go to sleep
because i have the worst cold ever XD.



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