Joronas Temnra

2005-03-06 01:57:36 (UTC)


I remember being told so many times that my writing is
amazing.. I've seen it impress people many times.. but why
doesn't it seem like it's enough? All I can do most of the
people I care about is write to them.

I've been told by someone that she was honoured I wrote
something about her..

But the thing that's hurt me the most, the absolute worst
thing that someone's said to me, is that I'm nothing but
words on a screen.

I've been dumped on my birthday, and that hurt tremendously,
but.. the wound doesn't fester. It's healed now.. being
called 'words on a screen' I thought was healed.. but it
didn't, it stayed festering below the surface, waiting to
come out.

Waiting to make me feel dead inside, nothing but sadness
that goes bone-deep.