I'll Be Loving You

I'll be ur cryin sholder
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2005-03-05 23:27:39 (UTC)

Saturday March 5th,2005

Ok this week has been good all until today....Thurs.
lelin called and asked if i would go to the moves with
aaron im like ummm...i cant i gotta babysit for amy but i
can go sat. and hes like oh i see and so i havent talked
to him since and he hasent called me which sucks cause i
really wanna go with him which dosent help cause im
online. so he might be calling right now
Josh isent goin out with Kaylee but there goin to go out
which is fine by me now i hope it makes him and her happy
hes a really nice guy he just needs to mature a bit.
Moms in a pretty good mood which is awsome!
Dads at work and m bro wont be home on the weekends
anymore cause he has a job now at sears lol only until hes
outta collage.
Im doin pretty good iv been better but i guess this will
have to do. Im really dreddin goin bak to school mon. its
way to stressful im ready for summer i need a tan bad im
so white i look like a like snow ok im exageratin but
still u catch my drift.
but im gonna go but i want every1 to remeber Janelles
grandma shes in the Hospital from a nose bleed im prayin
shes allright i dont think janelle could handle another
grandparent dyin this yr.
Talk to everyone later Love ya!
Sam :* :D :)

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