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2005-03-05 22:03:05 (UTC)

sad 4 her :(

my mums not bin gr8 2moras mothersday! i
wish i cud take her out 4 a meal or sumfin but i cant
reli...she will av got food in an stuff an she will want
me 2 du cw cos she nos iv got loads...gary is bein a bit
of a shit 2...i duno if hes reli oblivious of the fact
shes upset or ignorin it!! his such a nob tho...shes not
bin well not sure if its bad or not an she was
upset b4 but sed she was fine wen she claerly wasnt...i
duno i jus h8 seein her like that!

i wish i cud help her but i cant even du that!! i jus want
her 2 b happy!! thats the main thing iv eva wanted in life
is 4 my family 2 b happy an i h8 her bein upset an
ill!!! :'(