Lost Auzzie

Loz from Oz
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2005-03-05 21:40:30 (UTC)

what the?!?

saturday afternoon...i can't believe i wasted another day
by sleeping in. it's not like the weather is any good
anyway so i guess it doesn't matter. but still, it annoys
so i've decided to go back to australia. it's my mums 50th
bday this month so i'm going to surprise her by coming home
for it.
i would love to stay here, but i feel like there's been so
many signs leading me towards going back. and i'll be going
to Italy with my family in Sept and then i can continue on
my travelling after that so its all good.
i'll tell you what though...i'm not looking forward to
being around all the auzzie guys again HAHA i didnt realise
how dicky they were until i met so many guys from all over
the world! i mean, there ARE a lot of auzzies guys here in
canada i must say, but i try and stay away from them if i
can HAHA they are just big pissheads who only care about
whose the hottest chick and when they're next gonna have a
f**k! kinda repetitive and boring.
so i'm waiting on a call from the guy i went out to meet
last night...i hope he didn't call while i was asleep?!?
he's going to come over and we're going to have some drinks
and hopefully things will all be good again. he's really
nice and i don't want to ruin something special.
i'm reading "confessions of a shopaholic" and it's an
awesome book! sounds very familiar too HAHA
have a good afternoon everyone :)