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2005-03-05 20:16:03 (UTC)

Kisses from Richard...

Hello Y'all! lol

I'm at Richards atm, we were supposed to be going into town
drinking, but Richard wasn't feeling too good, and neither
was i really! So we wandered back to his, but then we saw
these chavs that Rich knew and they were starting fights
with random people in the road, so we got a lift back
instead! lol
Not really sure what will be happening tonight, probably
watch films and get drunk or something! lol
School started again on monday, and it was very boring for
the whole week as usual! But on friday they closed the
school early at 1pm coz it was snowing really heavily! which
was a bit stupid coz they shouldn't have really opened the
school in the first place!
But anyways, i went into town after that, and got mum a
mothers day presant!
Oh alison attempted an overdose the other day... which was
quite odd... i was quite worried about her, but she took the
day off school on friday coz she still wern't feeling
well...(took pills ---- threw up ---- slept ---- took day
off school)
Oh well, i hope she's ok really! i think it was my fault coz
i told mum and dad that she had been flirting with this guy
in my year called Vinnie, who is going out with a girl i
know called Rosie... and basically allof this flirting from
her is causing them to argue a lot, and they are arguing
about her! and i basically don't want alison to be the cause
of people's relationships breaking down! she must learn this
at some point! she can't just flirt with whoever she likes,
coz doing that has its consequences...
Oh Iona is irritated with me i think... i'm not 100% sure
why though... i think its coz i had a go at her in the hols
and now i'm not seeing her as much... but actually i'm not
sure... coz it seems that the less i hang around with her,
the more i want to, coz she seems less suicidal etc. etc.
I like happy Pony!!! lol

Anywho i'm off now! i'll tlk later xxx

*Richard gives me a kiss* lol

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