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2005-03-05 19:49:15 (UTC)

March 5, 2005

ppl in entry:
Terez-known from another entry
Michael-also known from another entry.
Mom-my bestest friend. Something you might need to know is
about where she works. She works at Kids Peace, which I
like to call "The Psycoh Center." Kids Peace is, put in
nice terms, a place for teens and preteens to go when they
get into trouble with drugs, drinking, prostitution, and
their parents abuse them. Kida like a kiddy jail, but they
get to g home every now and then and stuff, basicly like a
housing development. Some of the kids are REALY bad! The
three that get arrested for arrested because they assaulted
a bunch of staff repetedy. that sux

Music-Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken "Open Arms"

Well, life sucks. Thursday was pretty uneventful, but
yesterday was happy-go-lucky. Lets see, I got asked out 3
times by three different people. This SUX. NOw that I
don't want to date, guys wanna go with me. I got out of my
Spanish test because we had a pizza party fr all the smart
people that made holor roll and high honors (mua was one of
them.) Then I won one f the raffle prizes and got this
really pretty mirror. We also got out of our Art test,
because we had a students vs. teachers volly ball game. I
sat with Terez, I didnt really want to, but he asked me
to. I didn't wanna sit with him because he's soooo quiet!
He didn't say a word the entire time! That's one of the
reasons I don't wanna go with him, too quiet, he'll just
get annoyed with my big mouth. Then I got home and Michael
came over, again, trying to get me back, again, I really
don't understand him, he HAS a girlfriend! And hes trying
to get me back! Maybe hes Mormen or something, cuz that's
NOT cool! I also don't understand how you can love someone
after only gong out with them for a little over a month!
And only knowing me for 4 months prior to that! I asked a
bunch f guys if they cood love a girl after going together
for 1 month and knowing eachother for 5, they all said no.
And that's like the shotrest relationship I ever had. Is
this a southern thing? PLZ let me know! Then when my mom
came home from work. She had a really bad day, but it ALL
paid off! Three of her clients were arrested! They're
either going to kiddy jail or Juvy. Thats good accrding to
her because they were the girls causing mostof the trouble
on the unit. I've also been realy depressed as of lately
because I wanna go home. I realy can't wait till this
summer! I get to go home the ENTIRE TIME! So happy.
Well, Check ya later.