2005-03-05 18:50:11 (UTC)

Stand with your legs hip..

Stand with your legs hip distance apart. Hold a towel in
both hands in front of you and lift arms overhead, keeping
your shoulders in their sockets. Reach your body over to
the right side, feeling a release from your left hip to
your ribs. You've gone too far if your left foot lifts off
the floor. Repeat, reaching to the left side.

From a seated position contract your abs and lift your
legs to a balanced position with your hands on the floor
behind you, pointing forward. Lift your head, extending
your spine, and stretch your legs straight away from you,
engaging the abs. The body should resemble a V-shape.
Inhale, point your toes and circle the legs toward the
left ten times. Repeat in the opposite direction. Lower
the legs several inches and circle ten more times on each
side. Lower legs to 6 inches above the floor and repeat
ten times on each side again. If this is too intense, keep
knees bent and legs at least one foot from the ground.

Lie flat on your back with your head and your shoulders
lifted off the floor, hands behind your head, and knees
into your chest. Extend your left leg so it's at a 45-
degree angle from the floor, then pull your abs in as you
twist your upper body to the right so that your left elbow
reaches toward your right knee and your right elbow is
extended straight out from your ear. Hold for two counts,
then switch sides. Do this four times, then repeat four
more times holding for just one count and end with four
more times at an even faster speed. [Note: Your butt, hips
and back should be pressed against the floor the whole

Lie on your left side, resting your head in your left hand
and steadying yourself with your right hand planted firmly
on the floor in front of your chest. [Note: Keep your
chest broad and open; do not curl down toward the floor.]
Breathe in and engage your abs, raising both legs twelve
inches off the floor as you exhale. Hold for a count of
four, then lower them to just above the floor. Inhale and
raise again on the exhale. Do this a total of eight times
and repeat on the right side.

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