taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2005-03-05 17:09:42 (UTC)

Fluffy dreams for you and me!

These are two dreams I had from last night/this morning.
One isn't really fluffy just sorta strange, but not really
strange, and the other one is.

Dream #1

So I'm floating above some basball stadium - I think it
was Yankee Stadium - and by floating, I mean I had a birds-
eye-view, not me physically floating there... or was I? So
everything is proceeding normally the game starts and the
first guy up to bat for the other team smokes it outta the
park, homerun, and the Yankee fans are displeased.

Next Batter, smokes it to right feild, the Yankee player
gets the ball and trys to throw the guy out at second,
totally misplays it, the ball gets thrown away the guy
advances to third and is safe. The Yankee fans are getting

Next guy up to bat, bloops it to the outfeild, between the
second and third base, the Yankee player drops it, and as
he's dropping it, a fan - this older, larger guy - throws
a ball right where the other ball just fell. And the
announcers are like, "that fan just threw a ball on to the
feild, that totally disrupted the play," blah blah. And as
security is escorting the guy out of the staduim, the
Yankee player threw the ball back at him, but it was a
really weak unispiring throw and it didn't even make it.

Dream #2

This dream was better. It begins in this Cabin in some
remote location in the woods. Adam Brody is there and he's
preparing a little cot on the floor. Then there is a
feverish knock on the door, Adam opens it, and it's Mischa
Barton, and she's soaking wet because it was raining

So the two of them are there in the cabin, Adam isn't
saying much and Mischa Barton is removing articles of
clothing, because there wet. And as she's doing this she's
saying things like, "Oh Seth, you're such a gentleman,
there's a hot girl removing cloths in front of you and
you're not even saying anything." and "Knowing you, you
probably are going to sleep on the floor," as she walks
into the room with the cot on the floor, and, observing
the cot she smiles and continues, "while there is a huge
bed here that could easily fit two people. What are you so
afr..." and before she could finish, Adam comes over all
pulls off her robe (which she slipped into at some point
earlier - sorry guys, she was wearing a nighty underneath)
And she turns and looks at him a surprised then randy grin.

But then Adam dissappears and I'm there kneeling on the
ground and Mischa Barton (still there) comes over and
kneels behind me and starts reaching around and groping
me, tugging at my cloths, removing things, and this is
what I am saying, "Yah, I totally called it from like, the
first episode this season, "You watch, by the end of this
season Seth and Summer will be back together, and
eventually, you and Ryan will be back together.""

Now, I don't think she responded, if she did It may have
been a slight chuckle, but irregardless, she continued to
maul me. Then I turned around at started to maul her, and
I remember thinking to myself at the time, (thought
bubble: Holy crap! This is Mischa Barton! She is not as
skinny as she appears on tv.)

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