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2005-03-05 15:46:25 (UTC)

hehe disney....asins.....

all i gotsta say....is i am fo will cheng....AZN pride......got rice bitch got

disney is not only one of the largest producers in porn...but sneaks very
dirrty things into old movies...elena and i will sit down tonight and watch
THEM ALL! (we want to find our own dirrtyness....)

for sum reason my computer is being a dumnass and wont let me make
a new sn....i have had this one about emily for way to long!!! so the one
i am attemoting to make is


i wanted it to be machine_on_chlorine...but that bitch wudnt fit.....

oh well

a freind of a freind who i kindof met once and she probably thinks i stalk
her said this and i am going to repeat it her cuz i liek it....

i think i care way too much what people think.
but im not willing to change myself.
i think i just want to see if people will accept me even
if im the same loser who falls down the stairs.

and even up them.

it kind o ffits me....i do fall up stairs and down nthem and im a
loser....but i dont care wat other ppl think.....hmmmmm

i still want to be called synchro

by the way...keegan told me thiere was a christian porn site...hmmmm

josh told me there is a porn search engine called booble.....hmmm

weird horney kids

all of u need to go to the ghetto pimplicious google.....gizoogle--its a
real site!

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