Please Dont Cry
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2005-03-05 15:10:16 (UTC)


I went to the movies with Jayson, Holly, and Nada. It was
a lotta fun.We went to the chinese place ate, then went
over to wal-mart and looked at boxers and all that stuff.
Then some cd's. Then we went to see Hitch it was a really
funny movie. I loved it! and I think everyone else did.
Thedn in the car on the way home Jay and I sat on the
floor and Holly and Nada sat on the seat and Nada was
singing to "my boo" it was hilarious. I heart her. Then
Jay went to go grab my leg and was grabbing Nada's leg and
she was like "whos grabbing my leg" Ha it was funny. He
couldnt tell he wasnt grabbing my leg? ha what a loser.
LoL. Then Jay came over to my house um he gave me a
massage cause my back has been killing me and we watched
mean girls, but something happened I dont remember what
exactly but he left. I just dont know where him and I are
heading? I feel like we are going to break up any day now.
i can just feel that. I hate it, but I know it's going to
happen unless something changes, but I doubt anything
will. So yeah nothing else happened. Im OUt

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