cuncerns of my heart
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2005-03-05 14:35:00 (UTC)

times r stupid

so i sorta told wasim bout me wantin ta cut an he got mad
at me.....of course. i new he would but i still new i
should tell em. i THOUGHT he would make me feel
better....but all he did was make me want to cut more. he
was like, you would never do that...he doesnt get it! him
sayin that only wants me to prove to him that i will do
that, that he doesnt control my life because he doesnt! i
needed sumone to tell me i didnt need to do that, that i
was strong and could handle myself without cutting. but
all he did was tell me bout how i wouldnt do that.....i
came so close to cutting that nite i scared myself. i
should tell em this but im friad to plus i dont want him
ta have ta wry bout me. ya no how ya have friends that ur
always worried bout cuz they mite hurt themselves? well im
tuning inta that person...................not good

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