Withered Rose

...Ashes, ashes, they all fall DOWN...
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2005-03-05 06:56:29 (UTC)

Just Because

I think I wrote this before the one called "His eyes" but
I'm not sure. It's the same story but has more/different
stuff. So go ahead and read it if you want. ;p

"Just Because"

His eyes are black now
They used to sparkle
Such beautiful green eyes they can be
But now that's not what I mostly see
His fist comes swinging toward my face
I try to move
I'm paralyzed from shock
What just happened?
He wouldn't
He couldn't
He didn't mean to hurt me
He told me he loved me
That I deserved it
I knew what I did
But I didn't
I didn't know
He said he loved me
He loved me
He said he loved me
I love him
But I'm scared of him
What do I do?
He grabs me by the arm
Squeezes so hard
I feel weak
Leaves marks behind
Like I'm his
Like I'm his property
I don't understand how he could love me
If I do so many things wrong
I try not to frown as I pass the halls
at school
I am shouting inside
Someone please help me
I am scared
I am alone in my head
I have no clue what to do
I am such a fool to think this is all right
Just because
I love him
But I do
I love him
But every slap, every kick, every shove,
every rip, and every kiss
I get deeper and deeper into this
How could they miss the signs
Mom, I'm drowning and you think I'm just fine

hearts, hugs, and lips,


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