you cant escape what makes you tragic
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2005-03-05 06:31:47 (UTC)

Reclaiming Cunt

Okay so today in Amer Hist 'reclaiming cunt' was mentioned

then I got the urge to shave my legs even though I was
waiting to get them waxed again

THEN out of no where Alex shows up in Wayne. She is just
home for the weekend. And we had sex. twice. YAY
LESBIANISM. Although I don't want he to think every time
we're together it will be like that. GOD DAMN the girl
likes to kiss. I mean, so do I but it got a little
ridiculous. Other then that, all peachy.

Peaches... sigh.

Everyone was in Wayne tonight. It was so fucking awesome.
Summer, Miram, little Jo, DCoats, Tom, EMMA, Ben (for
whatever reason) and I saw Kevin and Akeem... who else I'm
sure there were others...

Ben, Emma, and I shared a joint. I think I only had 3 hits
but it's been so long I fealt a little floaty for a few
mintues. Nothing exciting.