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2005-03-05 04:29:10 (UTC)

life of a rebel

Swingin' back hoping for a taste of the past
i'm livin' every day like i'm living my last
none of there rules are going to keep me down
pretty soon i'm going to be six feet down

So today i got my call i've been kind of dreading and at
the same time anxiously waiting for this call, it appears
if i choose i can take a job that isn't on my list of jobs
i wanted and leave at the end of march. its kind of scary
but at the same time i really want to get bootcamp out of
the way and get life started. so do to the factor i might
be leaving in a couple weeks i wanted to give everyone a
glimpse into the life of douglas M. kellogg.

i was born during the world beries which was the world
series between St. Louis and Milwaukee.
The first beer i ever got wasted off of was genny cream
ale and i poured it into a 2 litter bottle and got wasted
at a thing called race fever.
at the age of 12 i got wasted off of cheap vodka and the
next day i had to get my appendix removed.
for a while i used to hang out with this older group of
kids, we called ourselves the blazin' orange posse. i
went out with this girl named heidi for a while, i was 13
she was 15 her bday was the day before mine.
i fell in love with one of my best friends sister, got my
heart broken several times, yet still love her in some
weird twisted way. went to college, got kicked out of
college, then signed up for the air force. along the way
i made some friends and lost some too. learned everything
i ever really needed to know from the streets. had
friends die in front of me, slept under a bridge more than
a couple times. but i look back and wouldn't trade
anything that ever happened.
my favorite beer is Country Club malt liquor
my favorite mix drink is jack and cokes
i enjoy walks in the rain
and talks early in the morning.
i have a mohawk but it doesn't define who i am.
i'm pretty vain but i don't care what you think about it.
the river city rebels are my favorite band going right now.
if you don't understand the music you don't understand me
can best describe the way i feel about my taste in music.
i enjoy getting tattoo's that are like glimpses into my
life at the very moment. i enjoy spending time with laura
sexton and do love, lady love. can't wait for
6/12/2010;) we'll always have hugs and kisses and bedtime
wishes. and thats all my sentimental crap i'll lay on ya,
i'm going to bed.
sure i'll die young
all the greats do
to the ones who touched my life, thank you and i love you
i'll leave sincerity and a beatiful memory.

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