Dream Journal (No, Not Really!)
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2005-03-05 00:34:03 (UTC)

I Am Back

Unfortunately just like everyone else i have fallen into
the great cliche of loving New York, everyone always does
and now so do I.

I was even touristy (not a real word i know) enough to buy
an I LOVE NY hat, which i wore plenty and haven't stopped
even tho i'm back home.

All in all a great trip i'm kinda sad to be home, how very

On the way over i wrote a kinda journal of my thoughts,
very pointless and irrelevant tho quite entertaining i am
told, i might even publish what i wrote here even tho i
stopped writing when i arrived in NYC.

You should be listening to: The Beatles - Savoy truffle,
written by the ever-underrated George and it has a kinda
rockin' show tune feel to it.

You should be watchin': Judge Mathis - if you live in the
US this show is hilarious for all the wrong reasons, i
can't quite believe some people take it seriously.

& Finally something new - A quote - by me!:

'A Good Theorist Has No Practical Value'

Suspect Is Hatless, I Repeat Hatless. Chef Rodrigo