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2005-03-04 20:54:34 (UTC)

Friday, March 4, 2005

omg, i'm so fricken pissed! well, it's about something
stupid, but that's ok.

so we're doin this magazine sales thing for school, and if
you fill out this booklet w. ppl's addresses from other
towns, you get this fishy stuffed animal (and some other
stuff, but i'll mention that later).

for some STRANGE reason, i began to have an urge to get
this fishy. so, i filled out the booklet, but harassing
all my friends online from other towns to gimme their
addresses, which most of them actually did.

so, i got the booklet all filled out, and i'm really proud
of myself.


i forget it the next day
yup, i forgot it. stupid ole me. always forgetting

so, i'm screaming at myself, and complaining to everyone
in my first period class (it hadn't started yet, but there
were ppl in there when i went to put my binder down). i
stop being annoying for a second, to go say hi to my
friends. then, i complain to them. i think all hope is
lost, but naomi goes, "well, hand in my booklet"
i couldn't believe my good luck! her booklet said naomi
all over it tho, so i made her go upstairs to hand it in
(and i'd pick out the fishy n keep it!)
so we wait in the horribly long line, and when we finally
get up there, mrs. duggins says that naomi's booklet
doesn't count, cuz she had like, four ppl from our town in
it. oooo, i was pretty mad. after cursin and complaining
some more (to naomi, not mrs. duggins), i finally went
back to math class, cuz the the first bell rang.
so i sit down, and mr. stratton is talking or w.e (i wasnt
payin attention) and mike delsole (hu sits behind me) and
anthony rondini (hu sits next to delsole) and fillin out 1
of those booklets!!
me: ooo, can i have the fish?
md: wha?
me: the fish. whe u hand it in
md: u can hand it in if u'll gimme the money

(note: some of the fish come w. money inside. chelsea
adams got the only fifty dollar bill!!!!!)

me: really?
md: yeah
me: ok

doing math crap... blah blah blah

md: rondini, what the hell are you doin?
ar: i'm tryin to have a variety of towns
md: what r u talking about?
(ar flips thru booklet)
ar: i'm just putting down random names, addresses & towns
like, i have 1 from newington, 1 from rocky hill, 1 from
hartford, 1 from southington, 1 from newington, 2 from
rocky hill
me: ur seriously gonna hand that in?
ar: well, *I* can't. i've already handed in two other
booklets. i'm trying to convince delsole to
md: but i dont want u. (looks at me) u do it
me: i can't
md: y not?
me: cuz i already went up there b4 w. naomi, so they kno i
dont have 1

more math crap, blah blah blah

the the inital plan was for anthony rondini to keep the
jolly ranchers (prize that came w. fish), me to keep the
fish, and delsole would get the money (he'd freak out
whenever we told him we might not win money "no money?
that's crazy talk!"

I'm gettin bored writing this, so I'll write more l8er...
if i feel like it.
well, i should wrap it up first:
~i was going to name the fish senor cockatoo
~i dont think either rondini, delsole, or austin malloy
(dont ask, he came in l8er) ever handed in the booklet :(
~i'm trying to convince christina that she should gimme
her fish, cuz she neva gave me a b-day present

ok, that's all fo now, i'm goin to c a play at the hi