Lost Auzzie

Loz from Oz
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2005-03-04 20:37:43 (UTC)

another day is going by...

another day in vancouver. i love it here but today i feel
kinda lonely. i just moved into a new place and after
living down town for the past 6 months, i'm finding it
really hard to adjust to the suburbs. i love the fast pace
of the city and how there's people out every night of the
week and you can always meet someone new and exciting or do
something crazy at ANY time. but here, where i'm living
now, it's really quiet. the people i'm living with are
awesome but it's just not quite the same.
i had a visit from one of my friends from oz the other week
and it was so much fun! i hadn't seen a friend from home
for 9 months and it was so awesome to hang out again. she's
gone back to oz now after being in europe. it made me so
homesick to think that she gets to be around everyone back
home and i don't. my other friends have been telling me
that nothing has changed back home and everything just
keeps happening the way it always did. but i think i miss
that. i was planning on going back home at the end of this
month but i don't know. i'm scared that if i go back, i'll
wish i never left here. but i'm scared that if i stay here,
i'm just going to keep missing home more and more. there's
so many people here that i just really don't want to say
goodbye to. not yet. but there's so many people back home
that i can't wait to see again.
it's so confusing. i should just be enjoying every second i
have here (which i pretty much have been doing up until
now!) and forget about everything thats bothering me. i
should just let each day come and go as it pleases and mke
the most out of everything. or should i prepare to say bye
to everyone here and head home?? i don't know.
i'm going to go try make something out of today...
Lauren :)