Tainted in shackles

Unintentional/iInTeNtiOnal DaMagE
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2005-03-04 18:48:42 (UTC)

Updated he'll never change

Well lets see it lasted only a few months after that last
entry. Let me tell you how it all un folded basically over
the last 2 years he had been sleeping with i dont know, he
dont know how many people. He could get a number to come
through his lips. But this came out only after i had one
of his hoes call my phone on the day before my birthday.
Followed by weeks of harrasment and anger. Then him siding
with her after all everything came out questioning me-
asking am i playing on this bitches phone and who do i got
looking for her... excuse me that orbited me right out. Im
like no, no he did not just question me on that
female....then they brought my boy into it and she started
calling him all types of names calling his phone leaving
VM on it and everything. and he still sided with her then
had the Audacity to call me from over that bitches house.
are you serious.if i see him i swear i dont know what i
might do.