Confessions of a dangerous mind
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2005-03-04 16:02:02 (UTC)

Switching driving instructor

Well my driving lesson was terrible. I can't seem to get a
hang of breaking. Actually saying that I brake fine but
there's just one corner which has ben put there by the
devil himself to fail learner drivers. I always ALWAYS
stall on that one corner. It was only my 5th lesson, and so
far the instructer has told me what to do as I was driving,
and he started off telling me what to do today, but
stopped. That's fine, I knew what to do, but occasionally I
asked a question, like 'Do you want me to go into 2nd gear
Bearing in mind he hasn't told me what the gear stick does
He asked me what I thought, and I said "I don't know, i'd
say we're going into 2nd gear" so I did, then I indicated
left and slowed down and was coming to a stop when he
started saying 'Clutch down, down... put your clutch down'
and I was doing. Apparently not fast enough because he put
itdown for me and the car stalled again. Then Ed, that's
the driving instructor, took a few deep breaths, told me to
turn the car back on, so I did, not realising I was in 1st
gear so the car lurched forward. Again Ed took some more
deep breaths. I was getting nervous by this point because
he was obviously getting pissed off at me. He asked me to
pull over by the side of the road, so I did. Then he spent
the next 10 minutes explaining to me what the gear sticks
did, what the clutch was for, and concluded by
saying 'You're just not a natural born driver.'
Thanks for the encouragment.
I was determined to show him I could do the bloody circuit,
and was doing very well at it until there was a van, parked
at a junction, so I couldn't turn left. So I did what I had
to do and went around him and turned in left, then Ed
started saying 'Clutch...clutch, do your damn clutch." and
I was doing the damn clutch, and I was braking fine, until
he did the damn clutch and the car stalled. So after more
deep breaths from Ed I turned the engine back on, made sure
I was in neutral, then started off again in 1st gear; after
checking the road was clear, naturally. Then he started
saying 'Follow the curb, follow the curb' Leant over,
grabbed the steering wheel and pulled it left, so the car
went onto the curb. 'We're on the curb, we don't want to be
on the fucking curb. Get off the damned curb girl' I just
pulled over and got out. I was so upset that this stranger,
actually had the nerve to shout at me, after HE steered the
wheel, there was a van parked on the fucking junction
anyway which didn't help. I'm also a learner driver, I have
the right to drive on the curb if I so wish. He got out of
the car and got into the drivers side, I got into the
passenger side and he drove me home without a word until we
pulled over outside my house and he said 'Monday then?'
I said yes, but after that lesson i'm going to tell him i'm
not going to have another lesson.
I hate being shouted at, especially when there's no reason
for it, as a driving instructer he needs to stay calm, i'm
under the impression that he's not even doing it for the
job, just for the money. Are any of us?

Charlotte has given me the number for another man, she said
he wouldn't give a shit if I drove his car into a tree. SO
i'm going to give him a ring.