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2005-03-04 15:44:44 (UTC)


ok im there 15 minutes early to take my drivers test
right.. ok the fuckin building is closed.. WTF .. ok 15
minutes goes by.. im waiting finally they open the doors..
im like YES. .. ok walk in the door some guy is yellin is
anyone here to take a drivers test and i go yeah me.. and
he tells me to go up to the counter;. so i go to the
counter.. he ask for all my information.. and i show it to
him.. then he ask if i have my 50 hour sheet signed and i
told him no my grandma was gonna have to do it because
she my guarden well she doesnt have guarden papers so
really mom has to be there and sign the papers or she has
to be there infront of them to sign the papers.. all this
other crap.. by now im pist off.. because i no i have
plans to go with catt 2night and im notgunna be able to
take her now.. so i get home call mom she said she'll have
it noturized at the school, and im thinking i can still
take my test.. so i get online schedule an appointment for
130.. and it says on the screen u must wait 7 days to take
ur test over again.. now im really pissed off because this
means the guy either failed me or he said i was a no
show... so in my head im think this guy failed me cuz i
didnt have a fuckin paper signed.. so i call penndot and
have the reschedule my appointment.. but it turns out u
cant take the test the same day u had it scheduled it for
so now i have to take the test 2morrow at 2:15 when
traffic is gunna be a bitch.. and all this shit just
because a dickhead was being fat and didnt have a mojo in
his mouth.. motherfucker.. grr.. im hungry im gunna go eat