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2005-03-04 12:41:11 (UTC)

Girlfriend Gone

Hello, last night kerry rung me just as she allways does
and we talked again, once again i tried to win her back by
promising to change etc when i new full well i hadnt done
anything wrong lol. Now ive decided she isnt worth me
degrading myself begging for her back. even tho i really
do still love her i dont want to be in a situation where
im patheticly hopleslly in love with her so i need to get
out of it otherwise she has won AGAIN. I noticed i had no
chance of getting her back when she said "aww i feel tight
on megan" i asked why she felt sorry for my little sister
and she said well im not gonna see her agian. So then i
new it was over, pissed of at the fact she felt sorry for
my sister when she hadnt been crying, begging etc for her
back lol, without meaning to sound big headed, what about
me lol.

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