Lost Auzzie

Loz from Oz
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2005-03-04 09:13:06 (UTC)

welcome to my life...

wow...ok, i only found out about this diary thing tonight
and thought i'd check it out.
as my first entry, and for anyone that's going to read it,
let me tell you about me...
my name is Lauren, i'm 22, i'm from Sydney Australia, but
right now i'm travelling and i'm in Vancouver, Cananda. and
let me tell you this...this place is AWESOME! i'm loving
canada so much...and everyone here likes to party as much
as i do so it's tops, although my liver hates me at the
moment HAHA
i'm really not sure what else i want to say right now so i
might leave it at that for now...
canada rocks but...i still call australia home! :)

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