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2005-03-04 07:06:50 (UTC)

M=wow this computer doesn't want me on here lol

first i typed in the password for the other diary then i
typed the right one and it didn't let me in cause the
email was wrong i look and i have, then i put
in some other stupid leter. ugh. anyway

i told you lover isn't on here cause she just doesn't have
a reason too. now if she knew that we were talking crap on
here when she isn't looking she might check sorry
lover. but seriously, me and you just chat, whine and
bounce stuff off each other on here(throws paper ball at
sarah. *hits sarah in the head* 'chippey!')(sorry bored),
lover doesn't. i think she is jealous cause i told her you
had access to my life and shit and she didn't. so now she
has it and is probably happy, and she's never on the
computer anyway.

anyway bye

chippey now off to organize this thing!!!

must have m= and s= !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!