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2005-03-04 04:42:19 (UTC)

Phone call request fulfilled...bad news contained.

Well, today has been shitty. I can't explain why because
there's really no reason. I woke up, laid back down... woke
up, laid back down.. it was almost afternoon by the time I
crawled out of bed. I got up to shower...never made it
there. I eventually got dressed and went over to my
grandma's. The evening got better from there, thankfully.
We played a couple games, Aunt Brenda came home with KFC.
We talked a lot about my seizure/coma/episode thing. I've
come to realize that my mom either a) left some information
out or b) lied completely. It was so hard to talk about
and, now that I have more information, I may have figured
out the cause of it..... More on that later...maybe.

I tried to talk to Amy last night. I flat out told her
that I needed a friend at that moment and I was pushed
away. Ouch. Why am I stupid enough to deal with her?

Shannon called when I got home tonight about 10:00. I
didn't get to see her today but we are going to meet for
breakfast tomorrow at 7:30. I kept trying to make it for
earlier but she wasn't budging. I have to leave there for
work at 830 so I didn't feel that an hour was enough time
together. But....that's ok. At least I get to see her for
a longer amount of time than if she were to just stop by
work. She also made plans for us to do lunch on Thursday
before she leaves for her trip. It feels nice to have
plans ahead of time - I hope they stick. It was nice to
hear her voice tonight.

I really need to talk to Heather but Barack isn't working
tonight so I can't call.

I just have to get through tonight..