Instant Messages from a jerk- my ex-husb
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2005-03-04 03:54:23 (UTC)


waytoopoortobeme (12:52:44 AM): She's not a baby anymore.
black_dragon_73 (5:14:59 AM): shell always be mine
waytoopoortobeme (11:27:22 AM): Really? Do you ever plan on
seeing her again? Cuz I'm beginning to wonder...
waytoopoortobeme (12:04:00 PM): Oh, well, I guess its for
the best anyway. There is no telling when you might decide
to get high.
black_dragon_73 (5:09:00 PM): are u there
waytoopoortobeme (5:10:38 PM): No long distance, but dsl
computer connection. I see where your priorities are.
black_dragon_73 (5:11:01 PM): its not my computer
black_dragon_73 (5:11:57 PM): why are u being so hatful
black_dragon_73 (5:12:02 PM): hateful
black_dragon_73 (5:12:37 PM): and no one is around to read
waytoopoortobeme (5:12:50 PM): I think maybe because all
the crap that you
black_dragon_73 (5:13:10 PM): that i what
waytoopoortobeme (5:13:10 PM): have ever done has come
crashing in on me, so now instead of being nicer than you
waytoopoortobeme (5:13:15 PM): I am being like you.
black_dragon_73 (5:14:35 PM): like what im tring to have
something to do with sophie and tring to be in her life and
yes sometime i cannt make it all the time to g-ville i
still want to know how she is
waytoopoortobeme (5:14:57 PM): OkaY
black_dragon_73 (5:15:11 PM): i got a big pay cut goin back
to asplundh
black_dragon_73 (5:15:29 PM): what do u mean ok
black_dragon_73 (5:16:04 PM): im not doin this for no woman
im want to be in sophies life
waytoopoortobeme (5:16:15 PM): OKAY
black_dragon_73 (5:17:49 PM): so for once im being
responceable and tring my best to be in her life and i git
the bad end of the deal i know i have done u wrong by not
helping with sophie but im tring now
waytoopoortobeme (5:18:11 PM): it doesn't matter to me.
Just let me know when you get a check from asplundh whether
or not they take out support, cuz if they don't, I will
call SSI and let them know so sophie can get it from them.
waytoopoortobeme (5:18:24 PM): as far as trying now, I
don't know what you are talking about
black_dragon_73 (5:18:40 PM): to be in her life
black_dragon_73 (5:19:04 PM): and as far as child support i
will pay it
black_dragon_73 (5:19:30 PM): when did u git your last one
black_dragon_73 (5:19:34 PM): or check
waytoopoortobeme (5:19:37 PM): i don't know
waytoopoortobeme (5:19:51 PM): you will know when you get a
check if they are taking out support
black_dragon_73 (5:20:02 PM): i know that
black_dragon_73 (5:20:10 PM): i mean from burfords
black_dragon_73 (5:20:40 PM): when are u goin to nevada
black_dragon_73 (5:21:19 PM):
waytoopoortobeme (5:21:22 PM): when i sell the house
black_dragon_73 (5:21:39 PM): well let me know at least
waytoopoortobeme (5:22:08 PM): Yeah, I'll give you the same
notice you gave me
black_dragon_73 (5:22:20 PM): what part of nevada
black_dragon_73 (5:22:47 PM): u better not i didnt have
sophie theres a differance
waytoopoortobeme (5:23:22 PM): what? You mean you weren't
sophie's father all those times you moved without telling
black_dragon_73 (5:23:33 PM): yes
black_dragon_73 (5:23:51 PM): but i didnt take her with me
and not tell u
waytoopoortobeme (5:24:25 PM): No, you just left a sick
child with no father to help emotionally or financially.
black_dragon_73 (5:24:56 PM): becki she was home when i
black_dragon_73 (5:25:21 PM): i wasnt goin to leave if she
was still in the hospital
waytoopoortobeme (5:25:36 PM): She got home that morning.
She wasn't perfectly well yet. You said you were coming to
see her and instead you left town
waytoopoortobeme (5:26:13 PM): Besides, she is always 'sick'
black_dragon_73 (5:26:25 PM): know u wanted me to come out
there to weed eat around your house
black_dragon_73 (5:26:32 PM): i know that
black_dragon_73 (5:27:10 PM): but will her ssi money still
continue when u move there
black_dragon_73 (5:27:43 PM): or do u still have to fill
out paper work over again
waytoopoortobeme (5:27:57 PM): You called and said you were
coming. Since we were 'dating' I didn't think it was wrong
to ask you to bring the weed eater and get the cudzu
growing up your daughter's steps. But you never 'had' to.
You could've just said no, I'm on my way out of town', but
you didn't want me to know.
black_dragon_73 (5:28:25 PM): we where not dating
waytoopoortobeme (5:29:19 PM): gee, i don't know what you
call it then. We were sleeping together and doing things
together, i just wouldn't let you move back in yet because
i thought you should earn my trust. by the way, you failed,
waytoopoortobeme (5:29:43 PM): there is no reason to lie if
no one is reading this as you say
black_dragon_73 (5:30:48 PM): im not lieing u told me out
in the front yard at joans that it would be just doing
somethin lol
black_dragon_73 (5:31:10 PM): that it was nothing else
waytoopoortobeme (5:31:19 PM): well i just didn't want to
be too serious when you ran off on me again because i
thought it would hurt less...
black_dragon_73 (5:31:21 PM): i took it at that
black_dragon_73 (5:31:39 PM): well
black_dragon_73 (5:31:54 PM): see i didnt see it as dating
black_dragon_73 (5:32:08 PM): sorry
waytoopoortobeme (5:32:10 PM): then i guess you don't love
me and didnt unlike what you said
black_dragon_73 (5:32:24 PM): huh
waytoopoortobeme (5:33:02 PM): but it doesnt matter now,
you have found someone new to use up and leech on and then
when things arent perfect you can just stay with her until
you find someone else to go to
waytoopoortobeme (5:33:14 PM): better her than me
waytoopoortobeme (5:33:22 PM): too bad she has kids though
waytoopoortobeme (5:33:27 PM): better not any kids
black_dragon_73 (5:34:18 PM): i tell u what im not using
her infact i give her my money to pay bills with ty
black_dragon_73 (5:34:36 PM): but i am happy
waytoopoortobeme (5:34:47 PM): of course you do. but who's
home is it?
black_dragon_73 (5:35:08 PM): i knew it wouldnt work out
between us anyway
black_dragon_73 (5:35:19 PM): ours
waytoopoortobeme (5:37:09 PM): of course it wont work out
if you keep running off with other women just because i
wanted to date before letting you move back in. You are
just too anxious to move out of joanne's- you will do
anything EXCEPT get your own place. Well, no one is ever
moving in with me again! If a guy i'm dating wants to live
together or get married he'd better be grown up enough to
have his own place and car because i have learned my lesson
about getting used.
black_dragon_73 (5:38:25 PM): o yes becki i used u
black_dragon_73 (5:38:39 PM): all them years i used u
waytoopoortobeme (5:39:03 PM): used to what?
black_dragon_73 (5:39:16 PM): that money was good when i
went off to storm damage
black_dragon_73 (5:40:07 PM): and when we got that house it
took both of us
waytoopoortobeme (5:40:09 PM): money money money - ha, how
about feelings?
waytoopoortobeme (5:40:13 PM): what?
waytoopoortobeme (5:40:28 PM): who has been paying for this
house for over two years since you ran off?
black_dragon_73 (5:40:50 PM): it took both of us to git
that house and pay the bills when i was thewre
black_dragon_73 (5:41:11 PM): im not saying u hadnt
black_dragon_73 (5:41:49 PM): i but i was makeing a point i
wasnt using u like u said i was
waytoopoortobeme (5:42:05 PM): before you came along i
owned my home and my car was almost paid off. you drove me
into debt and yes, i made you help pay it, but as you can
see i am well able to do it without you as well! I just
wish I still had my old home and car so i could spend more
time with my special daughter instead of working all the
waytoopoortobeme (5:42:33 PM): and you had nothing.
waytoopoortobeme (5:42:36 PM): no home, no car
waytoopoortobeme (5:42:55 PM): yes, you used me but i
thought you loved me
waytoopoortobeme (5:43:03 PM): so i was willing to do those
black_dragon_73 (5:43:11 PM): how did i us u
waytoopoortobeme (5:43:36 PM): for a place to live
black_dragon_73 (5:43:41 PM): u still got your own car your
own home
waytoopoortobeme (5:43:45 PM): and a car to drive and blow
waytoopoortobeme (5:43:57 PM): not the same ones!
waytoopoortobeme (5:44:03 PM): They werent good enough for
black_dragon_73 (5:44:06 PM): still
waytoopoortobeme (5:44:15 PM): still nothing, they were
paid for!
black_dragon_73 (5:44:27 PM): they werent good enough for u
black_dragon_73 (5:44:38 PM): the car wasnt
waytoopoortobeme (5:44:44 PM): funny, i lived in my home
and drove my car just fine before you
waytoopoortobeme (5:44:56 PM): the car wasn't good enough
after you blew it up!
waytoopoortobeme (5:45:05 PM): it doesnt' matter
waytoopoortobeme (5:45:12 PM): this is why i didnt want to
talk to you
waytoopoortobeme (5:45:21 PM): i knew it wouldnt be about
black_dragon_73 (5:45:45 PM): it was still running good u
where the one that wanted a new car after starting that job
in montgumery
black_dragon_73 (5:45:58 PM): i love sophie
waytoopoortobeme (5:46:06 PM): thats nice
waytoopoortobeme (5:46:11 PM): she can tell
black_dragon_73 (5:46:14 PM): i want to see sophie alone
waytoopoortobeme (5:46:14 PM): lol
waytoopoortobeme (5:46:31 PM): what is that supposed to
black_dragon_73 (5:46:57 PM): to spend time with her with
out u being around
waytoopoortobeme (5:47:21 PM): wow, i have been begging for
that and now you are volunteering! when, when?
waytoopoortobeme (5:47:31 PM): cuz i am so tired!
black_dragon_73 (5:47:57 PM): i told u that the last time
we talked
waytoopoortobeme (5:48:10 PM): no, you said you wanted your
new lover to meat her
black_dragon_73 (5:48:11 PM): u hung up on me
waytoopoortobeme (5:48:34 PM): i didn't hang up till i kept
saying hello, hello, and no one was there anymore
black_dragon_73 (5:48:53 PM): i want to start my visition
waytoopoortobeme (5:48:55 PM): anyway, when would you like
to come see her?
waytoopoortobeme (5:49:01 PM): alone, as you said
black_dragon_73 (5:49:36 PM): im not staying there i git
her over night
waytoopoortobeme (5:49:53 PM): well she isnt going off with
you after what you did last time
black_dragon_73 (5:50:08 PM): what was that may i ask
waytoopoortobeme (5:50:47 PM): you took her down there
knowing you weren't even living where you said you were
living and knowing that woman you said was so perfect was
jealous of her and had a mean attitude toward her. You know
exactly what I am talking about
waytoopoortobeme (5:51:27 PM): I'm not sending my daughter
into the great wild blue yonder, not knowing where she is
or who will be around her.
black_dragon_73 (5:51:45 PM): she was with me i still spent
time with sophie she wasnt in any danger
waytoopoortobeme (5:52:16 PM): you are welcome to see her,
but she is not going off with a person she hasnt seen in
waytoopoortobeme (5:52:20 PM): that is that
black_dragon_73 (5:52:53 PM): i can still have my visation
with her as long as she is not in any kind of danger
black_dragon_73 (5:53:33 PM): or in harms way
waytoopoortobeme (5:53:44 PM): how do i know she isn't in
danger? You want me to send her with people who meet
strangers on the internet and move them in with their
waytoopoortobeme (5:54:06 PM): I am not so cavalier with my
kids safety
waytoopoortobeme (5:54:36 PM): not to mention
is much worse than it was when you were with the bangor
sisters in grove hill
black_dragon_73 (5:55:02 PM): huh
waytoopoortobeme (5:55:31 PM): what was unclear to you?
black_dragon_73 (5:55:49 PM): what u just said
waytoopoortobeme (5:55:57 PM): which part?
black_dragon_73 (5:56:37 PM): kelley: not to mention is much worse than it was when you were with
the bangor sisters in grove hill
waytoopoortobeme (5:56:43 PM): plus you want me to send her
off in a car that doesn't even have insurance!
black_dragon_73 (5:56:57 PM): yes it does
waytoopoortobeme (5:57:21 PM): then why do they keep
sending those letters here?
black_dragon_73 (5:57:33 PM): i dont know why
waytoopoortobeme (5:57:46 PM): the bangor sister - the
sisters you were banging
black_dragon_73 (5:57:58 PM): lol ok
waytoopoortobeme (5:58:07 PM): I'm not a fool, the
insurance has lapsed big time
black_dragon_73 (5:58:27 PM): well im still coverd some how
waytoopoortobeme (5:58:36 PM): i don't believe you
black_dragon_73 (5:58:42 PM): ok
waytoopoortobeme (5:58:58 PM): by the way, you need to get
sophie on insurance, you are in contempt of court
black_dragon_73 (5:59:09 PM): u are to
waytoopoortobeme (5:59:29 PM): i never mentioned it because
of medicaid, but she is now using more visits than medicaid
will pay for
black_dragon_73 (5:59:35 PM): i was just waiting for that
waytoopoortobeme (5:59:35 PM): how am I in contemp?
black_dragon_73 (5:59:47 PM): my ivistation
waytoopoortobeme (5:59:52 PM): you haven't tried!
waytoopoortobeme (6:00:03 PM): this is the first you have
mentioned visits
waytoopoortobeme (6:00:13 PM): I cant give you what you
don't ask for!
black_dragon_73 (6:00:20 PM): what im tring right now and u
are saying no
waytoopoortobeme (6:00:46 PM): YOu know there are things
that will have to happen before you take her off and you
have not done any of it
black_dragon_73 (6:01:07 PM): and as soon as my 90 days are
up with asplundh i will git her on it
waytoopoortobeme (6:01:21 PM): You are not going to scare
me into being a bad mom and sending her off like you did
before. Look what happened!
black_dragon_73 (6:01:39 PM): what things
black_dragon_73 (6:01:56 PM): they are not on the court
waytoopoortobeme (6:02:35 PM): i need to know where she
will be, see that it isnt like some of the places you have
lived. no, it isnt because you divorced me while i was
pregnant. we didnt know about her problems
black_dragon_73 (6:02:44 PM): it just said that i git her
on the 1and 3 week of every month
black_dragon_73 (6:03:12 PM): still
waytoopoortobeme (6:03:19 PM): like i said, she wasnt born
yet. no child should go through this hell but especially
not sophie
waytoopoortobeme (6:03:34 PM): and it doesnt say 1 and 3
waytoopoortobeme (6:03:40 PM): you better read again
black_dragon_73 (6:04:12 PM): well it looks like u need to
go back and change something then but i wouldnt put her in
any danger
waytoopoortobeme (6:04:23 PM): and i didnt know then you
would be with a different stranger every couple of months,
waytoopoortobeme (6:04:40 PM): that is danger whether you
think so or not
black_dragon_73 (6:04:58 PM): im staing here im not goin
black_dragon_73 (6:05:10 PM): staying here
waytoopoortobeme (6:05:38 PM): i don't know why you wont to
stay away from her so long and then take her overnight
after not seeing her at all. If you loved her so much you
would know that is a horrible thing to do to an autistic
black_dragon_73 (6:06:04 PM): me and danielle are
remodleing a house and hopfully we will be in it after the
waytoopoortobeme (6:06:07 PM): you said you were staying
with lois and then with her sister
waytoopoortobeme (6:06:15 PM): good for you and danielle
waytoopoortobeme (6:06:41 PM): i am selling this one
because i am tired of being the only reason your credit
isnt completely screwed up
black_dragon_73 (6:07:02 PM): good move
waytoopoortobeme (6:07:08 PM): i thought so
black_dragon_73 (6:07:30 PM): i still want my visation
waytoopoortobeme (6:07:54 PM): so when are you and danielle
getting married, or are you just reeling her in financially
first so she'll have to like i did?
black_dragon_73 (6:08:04 PM): we arent
black_dragon_73 (6:08:14 PM): not at anytime soon
waytoopoortobeme (6:08:30 PM): do you think that is
appropriate for my daughter to be around?
black_dragon_73 (6:08:42 PM): and why not
waytoopoortobeme (6:08:52 PM): unstable
waytoopoortobeme (6:08:56 PM): just like all the others
black_dragon_73 (6:09:01 PM): we are stable
waytoopoortobeme (6:09:05 PM): if you marry you will be
more likely to stay
waytoopoortobeme (6:09:12 PM): you are not stable if you
are not married
waytoopoortobeme (6:09:20 PM): she could dump you at any
waytoopoortobeme (6:09:32 PM): i wish you would get married
black_dragon_73 (6:10:12 PM): im not goin to git married
for awhile
black_dragon_73 (6:10:50 PM): i do love her im not saying i
wouldnt marry her just not right now
waytoopoortobeme (6:10:55 PM): well as long as you are not
married, you are a boarder in her house, and my daughter
would be going over there sleeping with people who are not
related to her, and it isnt happening
waytoopoortobeme (6:12:43 PM): I don't see how people can
put their trust so completely in people they have just met
that they would risk their own children's safety. I guess
they have never been sexually abused like I have. If a step-
father can do it, certainly a stranger who isn't a relative
at all is more likely to do it, and I am not putting my
daughter in that situation.
waytoopoortobeme (6:13:32 PM): I've got to go finish
cleaning. Someone is coming to look at the house tomorrow
black_dragon_73 (6:13:40 PM): well i guess we are goin back
to court then
waytoopoortobeme (6:14:00 PM): Sure, if you can spare the
time. You sure can't spare it come see your daughter.
black_dragon_73 (6:14:11 PM): what are u saying that i
would sexually hurt kids
black_dragon_73 (6:14:31 PM): and now i can
waytoopoortobeme (6:14:43 PM): I am saying that those
people are strangers and I am not risking it. If they want
to risk you hurting their kids that is ya'lls problem
waytoopoortobeme (6:15:09 PM): I am not putting my daughter
in harms way agian
black_dragon_73 (6:15:13 PM): she wouldnt hurt a fly
waytoopoortobeme (6:15:32 PM): now you can what?
black_dragon_73 (6:15:51 PM): and now that im back with
aspundh i got the time now
waytoopoortobeme (6:16:16 PM): well come see her then. You
probably wont recognize her, she 's changed so much
black_dragon_73 (6:16:45 PM): i was working 5 days a week
goin back and forth to selma from here so no i didnt have
the time
waytoopoortobeme (6:17:03 PM): that is your fault. you knew
where you worked when you went there
waytoopoortobeme (6:17:22 PM): you chose her over your
daughter, then, is what you are saying
black_dragon_73 (6:17:27 PM): i was mont at the time workin
4 days
black_dragon_73 (6:17:52 PM): i got the time now she can
come and see me
waytoopoortobeme (6:18:18 PM): WHAT PART OF SHE IS NOT
black_dragon_73 (6:18:25 PM): u dont want danielle to meet
her to
waytoopoortobeme (6:18:45 PM): You will have to get to know
her again before I think about sending her away with you
black_dragon_73 (6:18:46 PM): u wont give her a chance
waytoopoortobeme (6:19:04 PM): she has new challenges that
you can't begin to understand until you are around her
black_dragon_73 (6:19:33 PM): i ask u how she is doin what
do i git she ok
waytoopoortobeme (6:20:08 PM): how can i make you
understand by typing a stupid message? you don't call and
ask or come see her or you would know

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