2005-03-04 01:34:42 (UTC)


"Are you going to bark all day,
little doggie, or are you goign to bite?"
- Mr. Blonde, Reservoir Dogs

Only two words can sum up last night's episode of LOST:
"bloody priceless." I mean, making the Jorge Garcia worth
$156 million dollars, that's just brilliant. I mean, man,
that was really just amazing to watch and see the direction
that the creators of lost pulled Hurley's stroy line.

What happens is this: A year before Hurley gets on the
doomed flight of LOST that traps him and 48 other passengers
on a derserted mysterious island inhabited by someTHING
(speculate all you want, that's all I can say), Hurley won
the lottery (after 16 weeks of no winners)using the numbers
that he got from a patient in an insane asylum he used to
work in (I'm guessing, they didn't answer that question in
the episode verbally, he could very well have been a
patient, which I doubt). AFter he wins the lottery, a string
of bad luck strikes everyone around him (his uncle has a
heart attack during his big speech on TV of what he palns to
do with his money, his family's priest is struck by
lightening during his grandfather's funeral, and his brother
's wife leaves him... for a waitress). Through the course of
the episode, Hurley comes to the conclusion that the numbers
(not the money, as he first suspects) are cursed (for
reason that I will not say. Watchy the episode when it
re-runs if you want to know more, or simply buy the DVD in
August when it comes out).

The thing I liked about this episode, which is
something that also goes for the Will Smith movie HITCH
while I'm on the topic) is that it gives obese people (like
myself, I'm not going to tell any lies about that) the
chance to show that acting doesn't just come from looks,
again, its all in your delivery and your presence onscreen.
I mean, come on, how many series' lately have you seen in
which the life of an overweight person is retold-
brilliantly, I might add, and compelingly, because of the
actor himself! I give credit where credit is due- Jorge
Garcia (for all I know, hsi only other series he's been in
is BECKER) pulled off an amazing show last night. It was a
nice surprise (as was HITCH, too, I'm going to add for the
same reason). It just so goes against what my father's been
telling ever since I told him I wanted to be an actor, and
against all those other smart-ass mother fuckers at Citrus
who claim to be bad ass just because they get casted in
plays for having "a look." It's all bullshit, when you get
right down to it, cause all you need is TALENT to get by in
the film industry. Talent and having the ability to go the
extra mile to get what you want.

As a side note, I also watched ALIAS last night. Nothing big
to mention there, it was just a good show. You know, that's
the funny thing about ALIAS. Jennifer Garner, the lead
actress in the show, pulls off the spy thing well on the
small screen, but when you try and transfer it over to the
big screen (like in EleKtra and- GOD forbid- Daredevil),
the same tough-chick-that's-a-gonna-kick-some-ass routine
isn'tas effective. Maybe it's the timing of everything, from
TV to the big screen. Or maybe it's the cost of going to the
movies weighing in (I think at Edwards they're still asking
you to pay with your immortal soul and your first born for
the cost of the ticket, the popcorn, the soda and, heaven
forbid, the candy), butmaybe it could just be me. Anyways,
that it from me. Bye-e.

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