the married beer guy
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2005-03-04 01:28:45 (UTC)


200am BEEP BEEP BEEP time to run 91. get 20 225 and the
freakin up/down switch doesnt work except for the
upstairs one. that sucks! got to see miss jingling and
told her about the move. it was a great count in because
we had about 6 item of yuengling to count in! got to see
lynn out at 533. forgot the pallet of moosehead with the
molson on it. i was so tired. bulk counted all 40 cases
at 689 with the old man. waited on wd86 to open up at 6.
finally got back to take the kids to school. fill up the
car for the long ride to ocala. but oops em what to rent a
car one way back to tlh. i agreed. DAMN I WAS TIRED! fell
asleep about 20 miles out i bet. i took over @rest area at
i-75. got to the mortagage place @1130 and waited on lynn.
she was so busy. she had this place set up first out on 27
3miles west of 75. but we went first to this dump with hwy
20 trash first . YUCK. But then we went to this other place
WOW WOW WOW 105k for that place. NICE. and how ironic it
has a frig just for me. i think i said yes after walking
thru about 5 minutes. I hope we get this place, didnt
think we would get it due to the other contracts out there
on it. jean did magic. called mom in orange city to borrow
some money about 1k. she said yeppers. Oh my gosh she
called like 20 times today. got to bbt (the bank). left
the bank and got a ticket from officer freindly (seatbelt
when it was speeding in a school zone) drove down hwy 200
to find em's apartment then turned around to get to hotel.
woops! school or the hotel f'ed up and the room wasnt
charged yet. we festered till 515 cause we still had to
get a car for me. finally the fax went thru. went to room.
then to first rental place. denied! no credit card for me-
em is too young. got a taurus from budget. nice car. laid
in bed with my em for about 1 hour or so. it would be the
last great snuggle for a while :( :( jub jub miss you. got
on the road with one rest stop.

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