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2005-03-04 01:24:24 (UTC)

A Question, Oh Gentle Readers...


If any of you out there reading this right now have me
flagged for updates to your e-mail, would you mind
explaining it to me? I'm feeling particularly doltish
right now.

I was browsing my diary entries without having logged in
because I wanted to put myself on the update flag e-mail
listy thing to see what it did when something was
updated. (Duh, sends an e-mail...) It said I had to be
registered. I put in an e-mail address that was not
registered. It said: This address is not registered.
You will be notified, blah blah blah. I am not getting
anything. Okay. Not a problem. I guess it's because
that e-mail was not registered.

But then...that leads me to another question. I know
someone has me on the update flag e-mail listy thing - and
I was pretty sure this person was not registered. SO
hoping the answer is no, only b/c then I could make it
work for me, maybe...but if the answer IS no, then why the
heck won't it work for me?

So...for those of you reading this who may be inclined to
answer me - explain these updates to me. Are they only
sent when there is a new entry posted, or are they sent on
edits as well? Because - I edit things a lot after the
fact and was just curious (and feeling sorry for you if
you end up with three hundred update e-mails from me every
day...[-lol-])...that is why I tried to set myself up,
just to see but nooooooooooooooooooooooooo. I couldn't do
it right, apparently...

That's it for now. Gotta go make dinner and calm the
roaring in my mind before I do anything else remotely

Until then,